One Year Later

One year ago today, my first novel, The Ghost Princess, went up for sale. So I thought I’d commemorate this with some updates.

First, this past January, my short story, “The New Babysitter,” was published in the first—and unfortunately, only—issue of TYPEFACE Literary Magazine. I am grateful they enjoyed my story enough to include it and give me my first publishing credit that wasn’t self-published.
They’ve since closed their doors due to personal reasons, but the first issue is still available on Amazon and Smashwords if anyone is interested.

On to other matters, a big reason I haven’t been giving much attention to this site is I’ve been working on The Ghost Princess‘s sequel, The Jinxed Pirate.
As I’ve said before, I don’t want to commit a specific release date yet. Right now, I’m about half way through the second draft, and I’m hoping I’ll have that done sometime next month.

The Jinxed Pirate is shaping up to be a bigger and more ambitious story than The Ghost Princess. There are more characters, and although the sub-plots will overlap, the main protagonists are more spread out from one another. Hope I pull it off.

I still want to write up some supplementary material about Graylands I mentioned before. Info on the various races, like the Eldér and Graigmen; background on Graylands as a country; and commentary on individual characters. Once the second draft is done, I’m going to try to get some of that posted on the site.

I plan to work on the third draft later in the summer, and we’ll see from there. I expect by then I’ll start posting some excerpts, so there’s something to look forward to later this year.

I’ve hinted at where Katrina, Krutch, and Lily will be going, so I thought I’d give some info on some of the new characters who will be introduced.
In The Jinxed Pirate, we’ll meet the Synclaire family—Deck, the eldest brother, Lock, the middle child, and Cassie, the youngest. They are/were a wealthy family from one of the Two Empires who have moved to Graylands for a fresh start after their father’s death.

Deck has something of a chip on his shoulder. He’s a guy who fancies himself a warrior and sees in Graylands a chance for adventure and excitement. Cassie, on the other hand, is a bit spoiled and doesn’t take to her new surroundings well.
Lock, finally, is trying to find himself. Like his brother, he sees opportunity in moving to Graylands, but unlike Deck, he’s not itching to rush off into the frontier looking for action.

That’s all going to change though when Deck stumbles across something he really shouldn’t have found and brings it back home. Without going into spoilers, things will escalate from there.

Depending on how things go, I think The Jinxed Pirate can be up for sale either this December or January 2017.



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