Commentary: “The New Babysitter”

I don’t know if anyone cares about this sort of thing, but I figure what the hell—here’s a creator commentary on my short story, “The New Babysitter.”
Just some thoughts on what went into making my little horror/comedy/thriller yarn about Stacy Morris and her incident with Unknown Caller.
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“Ones & Zeroes: A Short Story Collection” Now Available

A collection of my short stories is now up for sale on Amazon

kindle coverLook behind the curtain for 14 tales of horror, action, humor, and fantasy…

A babysitter contends with not just an intruder lurking outside, but her own mind…A drug addict saves the world from an alien invasion…In a sleepy town, an abandoned sewage treatment plant houses a sinister force…Man and insect clash in the middle of the night…Mercenaries collide during the sacrifice of a princess…A damsel in distress tries to escape her own story…

Vampires, dragons, zombies, giant spiders and more can be found in this collection of stories from author M. Walsh.

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