Hungry Monster Review of “The Ghost Princess”

New review for The Ghost Princess by Hungry Monster Books Reviews:

“[Katrina Lamont] is a drunk, a vagrant, and unpleasant to say the least, but she wasn’t always this way. She was once a hero of the kind you call on to slay dragons and save kingdoms. Those days are well behind her and she’s happy to keep it that way. Her plans to drink herself into obscurity are derailed when an infamous pirate is hired to capture her, the elite guards want to arrest her, demons roam the land, and a warlock wants to sacrifice her. But people are not who they seem and [Katrina] is about to find friends in the most unlikely of characters.

“The one thing that I truly enjoyed about this book is the unburdened adventure of it all. The characters all seem ripe for this type of story. They all have intriguing and in depth back stories that, when a new character is introduced, I couldn’t wait to find out where they came from, what they were doing and what they wanted. It was the subtle and easy humor that really made the story engaging, and unlike in many other stories where the humor is used to make fun of genre staples, it’s used in The Ghost Princess to make the characters relatable and the world believable. The humor circles around one character, or at least for me he was my favorite character, the infamous pirate Krutch Leeroy. He’s an infamous pirate that’s known for a plethora of amazing crimes; only he’s not that guy. He’s just a quiet man with severe allergies and a desire for peace and quiet. He ran afoul of a sorceress a few years ago and is now cursed to live the life of a notorious pirate and is forced into all the dangerously adventurous situations it entails. The hilarity of his plight and the genius with which it’s presented to the reader is something that I found to be unique and entertaining. The story consists of many characters with their story lines crossing and converging, kind of like Pulp Fiction. The main antagonist in the story is a warlock named Jacob Daredin that is trying to fulfill a prophecy and become a Dark Lord over the land. Lily, Katrina, and Krutch are the unlikely band of characters that assemble to, unwittingly it seems, fight Jacob Daredin and put an end to his evil plots as they fight their way through his minions and deal with their own personal demons. There is a fantastic twist towards the middle of the story which is rare when such a pleasant twist comes in early in the novel instead of in the end. The twist completely throws things for a loop and entertainingly changes the perspective of everyone in the story. With a few typos aside I thought the story was well written and easy to follow. The dialogue could have been more engaging as it seemed childish at times, but these stains are few and far between. But there are some unique and enjoyable characters that lead to an entertaining read overall.”




The Ghost Princess is available in print and Kindle formats on Amazon


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