“To Be Mortal”

I was awoken from my hibernation by a cacophony of sound and violence. I heard the roar of an explosion and shriek of tearing metal. I was aware of my box hurling through the air as the plane crashed into the ocean. Although I could see nothing, I sensed the flash of fire before the sea engulfed whatever remained of the plane and its cargo.

The chaos subsided, but I was aware of swaying around me before cold, salty water started seeping into my coffin. I had little time to spare before the plane would sink below the waves and me with it.

The danger of daylight didn’t occur to me as I clawed my way out of my coffin and the crate it was boxed in. Luckily—what little luck I was granted—the pitch black that greeted me assured the sun was nowhere to be found. I escaped the wreckage as it drifted into the abyss, taking my coffin, my human Familiar, and whatever other belongings I owned with it.

I swam for the surface only to find howling wind and cascading waves that tossed me about like a ragdoll. Seawater filled my lungs and I feared I might soon join the plane into the depths. Stranded in the middle of nowhere on a moonless night, not even my enhanced senses were of much use. It was only thanks to the occasional flicker of lightning that I glimpsed the island.

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