“The Mouse & the Dragon” – Parts 4-6

We’re back with the next three chapters of “The Mouse & the Dragon
When last we left Princess Hildy, she’d been living a lonely and monotonous life confined to an isolated castle under the guard of a dragon. Through the years, many knights have tried to slay the beast, but none have succeeded.

Though disheartened, Hildy believes if she just stays put someone will save her. So she retains hope someday her hero will finally set her free.

Let’s see how much longer that can last …. Continue reading

“The Mouse & the Dragon” – Parts 1-3

Hope everyone is doing well.
Since so many of us are going to be (hopefully) cooped up home for the foreseeable future, I thought I’d offer a little something to pass the time.

For a limited time—haven’t decided how long—I’m going to post one of the stories published in Ones & Zeroes for free. It’s one of the longer stories, divided into ten chapters, so I’ll be posting new parts let’s say every week or so.

I chose this story because—aside from being a longer tale and one I’m pretty proud of—I think it’ll resonate with people feeling stuck in their homes.
It is the story of Hildy, a young princess who is confined to an isolated castle by a dragon.
I hope you’ll give it a read and enjoy.

So here is “The Mouse & the Dragon,” Chapters 1-3…. Continue reading