Graylands Appendix: The Black

Found the time for another appendix.
This time we’re going to look at the forces of evil within Graylands….

The Black is the primordial darkness that exists between worlds. It is also, in simplest terms, evil as an objective force and even tangible reality.

In the beginning, before time began, there was nothing but the Black and the abominations that existed within—formless, mindless creatures constantly lashing out and consuming themselves. If any emotion was possible, it was only hate.

Then came the Light—antithesis of the Black in every way. Where the Black consumed, the Light preserved. If the Black hated, the Light loved.

When two polar opposite forces collide, chaos results, and it was in this chaos the Realm was forged. As physical reality came into being, the Black was pushed into the boundaries separating one dimension from the other. And it was in this empty void, the Black came to gain will and its hate grew. Continue reading